Plain Felt Room Slipper

400.00 kr

These slippers are incredibly comfortable and warm.The slipper is flexible and keeps the foot warm and dry, as the wool has a great capacity to absorb moisture. They retain their shape and good appearance even after prolonged, daily use.These felt slippers are based on a long tradition of hand felting by our beloved nepalese artisans, and these manual work cannot be replace by machines.Warm slipper made of wool felt (100% virgin wool) with leather sole.





• Various size available to choose from.
• All our sizes are Unisex.


• Can be hand washed in warm water with mild detergent. Squeeze gently and leave to dry and/or spot clean with a damp cloth

• Felt has excellent dirt and water repelling qualities and any spills can be spot cleaned and crumbs can be shaken free from the

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